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Cool Chick Outfitters

Cool Chick Outfitters is our sassy, funky and stylish extension of I’m A Cool Chick.


The folks at I’m A Cool Chick believe there are three characteristics that inspire and motivate women into action – Being Fearless, Being Focused and Being Fabulous! Through Cool Chick Outfitters we offer unique, high quality hand made, vintage and private label gear for life’s everyday Cool Chick adventures while supporting the Fearless, Focused and Fabulous lifestyle!

You can find us at local outdoor events, see our schedule on the Events page of our site. Oh, and we will always give back 10% of our sales to a local charity, it's our way of saying THANKS!


P.S. If you are an artist or craft person and are interested in providing private label/vintage items please email us at:


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