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Hocus Pocus Lost Your Focus?

I was talking with my sister the other day, she had just returned from a week-long trip of watching her grand kids. She was settling back into work and the life of her two kids (young adults) who still live at home. I was in the car, having just scored some Dunkin' for breakfast, and was driving my daughter to school because we missed the bus. SOUND FAMILIAR?

The topic of discussion was Magic. We both were feeling the Magic was gone from our lives. Have you ever felt that way? Not the "romantic" magic, but the magic and excitement you feel by just being alive. We both decided that we were going to find the magic again, the feelings and experiences that cause goose bumps and make you smile so big your face hurts. Are you with me?

I would imagine we are al the same, as women we get caught up in the "taking care of business" aspect of life and with our careers our time on earth becomes one big blur of responsibilities. So how do you get the magic back? Think of the time in your life when the magic was there, for me I felt magic when I:

1. was in a book store (really, I am a nerd)

2. at the beach - ALWAYS magical

3. hanging out with my awesome friends

4. traveling, exploring new places

Having written this list it was apparent why the magic was gone, when was the last time I did any of these things? LOL. So now I have a blue print, I'm going to start building these "magic" producing elements into my life. What about you? Have you lost the magic? What have you done to bring it back? Here's a pretty good article from the Huffington Post with tips on how to get the magic back in your life.

Please share your tips to get your magic back!!!!!

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