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I haven't paid much attention to Being Fabulous lately, probably because I haven't been feeling Fabulous! I'm thinking many of you Cool Chicks can relate!

When I think of Being Fabulous, I think of how I look, but honestly it's a lot more than that. Being Fabulous is a feeling and comes from a certain level of confidence you have in yourself - who you are, what you stand for, how you show up in the world each day etc. So I created this little worksheet that takes being Fabulous into the realm of who we are and how we want it to show up in our lives. You can down load it here, you can also find it on the home page of our website just look for the PDF logo.

Here's to Being Fabulous Cool Chicks!!!

Much love coming your way!


P.S. That's a picture of Eartha Kitt an incredible women, whose picture came up when I googled being Fabulous!

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