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The Shopping List

This morning as I was going through the “normal” routine that occurs on a Saturday, among other things, I was pulling together our shopping list, the first two items – dog treats and Guinea Pig food – I chuckled. My shopping list reminded me of the phase of life I’m in and boy am I enjoying it!

My husband and I have a very active 11 year-old daughter, an overweight dog (too many dog treats) and two very spirited Guinea pigs (Bruce and Waffles). I immediately thought ahead to the time when those two items and the food that my 11 year old likes to eat will no longer be on the list. It made me sad. But then I thought about my shopping lists from before I was married – dog food, popcorn, frozen mixed veggies. To when I got Married – dog food, flowers, wine, fresh fruits and veggies, to when I became a mom – dog food, wine, aspirin, cheerios etc.

Your shopping list tells a great story, and is a mirror of where you are in your life at this very moment! Looking back reminds me of my challenges, dreams and how my life has changed over the years. Pretty cool stuff! I’m no longer sad and am looking forward to my future shopping lists – more dog food, possibly more cheerios (grand babies!!!!) and chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate!

What does your shopping list say about you cool chicks? Go out and buy yourself some flowers and we’ll talk about it!!!!

Be Fearless, Be Focused, Be Fabulous – Be You Cool Chicks!!!! Much love coming your way!!!

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