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Blame Game

Self-help inspirational wisdom tells us that we control our destiny, our thoughts create our reality, and if we meditate it will come to us! The law of attraction tells us to simply think about it, and it will come into our lives, other gurus tell us to make the leap into our hearts desire and everything else will follow. Well, how’s that working for all of you? LOL!

I absolutely agree that I control my life. I am responsible for what I do, say and believe and for how I perceive the events in my life (good/bad). But Cool Chicks, I've got to tell you – all of this focus on my thoughts, my energy, my willingness to “let it goooo” put me on the place of BLAME (and it’s exhausting). I blame myself for not being able to manifest that dream job, I blame myself for having a crappy attitude, I blame myself for not getting a grip tight enough to manifest the peace and serenity and the beach house that I want in my life. Right?

Sometimes life throws a stink bomb our way for no reason. You can’t control it even with the best and most honest of intentions. Life is juicy, it ebbs and flows and just keeps moving on. There are beginnings and there are very sad ends, highs and lows, awesome times and great luck. This is why life is so incredibly rich and lovely. It teaches us to FEEL and to be REAL. Byron Katie teaches us all to “Love what is”. There are things I can control (me), things I cannot control (others) and all of the other stuff is in God hands. This approach makes me feel better about myself, and my ability to navigate this lovely life. It doesn’t mean I’m giving up my goals for the dream job and beach house, my approach is changing. I will accept my “juicy” life, knowing that I can’t control it. This alone takes pressure off and makes room for some kick ass dreaming and planning. You in?

Click here for more on Byron Katie.

Be Fearless, Be Focused, Be Fabulous Cool Chicks! Much Love coming your way!


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