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Where's the Money Honey?

Money, the necessary evil or is it the path to your freedom?

As women, we have a tendency to leave the money management to others (spouses, advisors etc.) and as a result, we really don't know how the whole money management/retirement planning works. Sure, we put money into our 401K's, have a couple of IRA's and of course see the Social Security estimates every once in a while. But do you really know how much money you have or need for your future?

It's time to get involved Cool Chicks, and it's never too late! See the link below for an article with 10 money tips for women, there's some good advice there.

Me? Since being laid off a few years ago, which provided quite the wake up call, my family and I have been sticking to a budget, building our savings accounts and have stopped using credit cards (and are paying down credit card debt). I also recently started working with a new, Cool Chick Wealth Advisor, who had my husband and I go through the exercise of not only pulling together all of our financials, but had us set 3, 5 and 10 year goals (financial and life goals). Going through this process alone was an eye opener, it lead to great discussions about the rest of our lives together - by the way I recommend having these types of conversations with your life partner on a regular basis - and we now have a plan. Having a plan is a good thing Cool Chicks!

Be Fearless, Be Focused, Be Fabulous Cool Chicks!

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