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Draining Complaining!

Even Wonder Woman has bad days

What a week! I don't know if it was because of the solar flares or the craziness that comes with back-to-school, but this week took it's toll on me! By Friday I was one BIG FAT COMPLAINER. Everything bothered me and I told everyone I ran into all about it (I'm sorry people!).

Did you know that complaining actually rewires your brain to complain more? Studies have proven that complaining shrinks the part of your brain that is responsible for problem solving and intelligent thought. WOW. Never knew this, but I lived it this week.

So how do you get over yourself when you are in such a mood? Practice Gratitude and constructive complaining. This article gives you the low-down and some great advice to help you get out of draining complaining. I've also attached a "Cool Chick" assessment worksheet that you can download here and use to get back back to your kick ass self.

Enjoy and remember, even Wonder Woman has bad days! LOL!

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