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Got Leadership Skills?

When I first started my "career" 25+ years ago work was so different than it is today. Downsizing, technology, economic pressures etc. have really changed the game. My current day job has me reporting to three people, two of which are in different states and time zones. This is not unusual for many people these days.

After the crazy week I've just had, it got me thinking about what true leadership looks like in this new work structure/culture. What makes a great leader across timezones and geography? It really boils down to the basics - communication, respect and support. Many leaders have no clue, which is unfortunate and results in frustration and delays.

Here are six communication skills courtesy of Success Magazine that will make you a better leader. As my good friend Michele reminds me often, "people work for people, not for companies" and boy is she right, so pay close attention to number 6 on the list!

If you have any tips or experiences that can help others communicate/become better leaders please share!

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