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Rut Busters!

Fire up your mojo Baby!

Are you looking to shake up your routine a bit and need some advice? Here are three easy ways to fire up your Mojo!

1. Create a soundtrack for it

Music gets me motivated. Classical calms me down, new age rhythms help me think, heavy metal gets my heart pounding and my body moving. You want inspiration and motivation? Create a soundtrack for the season, your project, your exercise routine. I created a soundtrack for the Summer that makes me want to get outside and enjoy the weather. Here are some of my favorites, check them out and see how they make you feel!

2. Schedule time for adventures

Sure, maybe we plan a week long vacation once a year, but do you plan something fun to do each week? Get your calendar out right now and check off a couple days each month to go on an adventure. I promise it will change your disposition and your feeling about your work/life balance. Plan simple stuff like a walk in the park, getting ice cream at a farm, going to a local museum. Do something you wouldn’t normally do!

3. Exercise your senses

We spend most of our lives reacting with our senses. How about flipping the equation and creating sensory opportunities! I love incense and use it to get into a meditative mindset. I buy fresh flowers every week and put them on the kitchen counter, they are beautiful to look at. Do you have soft blankets that you can curl up in when you are chilly, a comfy chair in the corner of your living room? Create sensory opportunities for yourself and you flex your sensory muscles. By flexing your senses, you live life more fully!

Today is a great day to try something new, go out for a walk, but some candles, call a friend. Be a verb today, full of action and determination and enjoy the journey! I promise you will come home inspired and motivated!

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