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Sorry, Not Today . . .

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Like most women, I have a lot on my plate. Work, family, kids etc. but I also have big dreams. I want to create beautiful things and sell them, start a Cool Chick revolution and become successful enough to become self employed. This has been a dream of mine for almost 50 years, so how's it working out for me? Well, not very well - until recently!!!!

I am addicted to the "self help/inspiration" books and authors and recently found author and life coach Steve Chandler , his books were the first to 100% inspire me into action and for that I am grateful! In fact I read his book on Motivation (in one day, I was motivated) and I built this blog the next day! NICE. So if you are anything like me, and have dreams to share your greatness with the world and need some motivation, here are my three tips to clear the decks and get rocking and rolling:


You will convince yourself why your dreams wont work - you don't have time, money, resources. You may fail and oh boy, that will be reeeeeally embarrassing. That thought process where "they can have it, but I can't" is echoing in the back of your mind. UGH, STOP IT. Schedule time for your dreams. Get up at 5:00 am and take a walk and think, set aside 30-minutes each evening to plan your empire. Don't allow other people to control your time, put yourself first. If you can think it you can create it. No more excuses OK?


I think big and it slows me down. I get bogged up in the details of what the future might look like then I quit because it's overwhelming. Sound familiar? Don't do that! Pick one thing and just do it. The cool part is you will learn from that one thing and it will inform the next thing, and then your dreams develop organically at just the right pace. Oh, and most important, keep at it, don't stop please!


I am a professional worrier, it's in my DNA. I worry what people might think, how I will be perceived, will I be successful or will I die. LOL. How dramatic is that? So here's the deal, and let's make a pact. I'm not going to worry about what other people think, I will trust my judgement, my talent and my abilities and in the end I will create something that is unique and 100% mine and other people just might love it too! Sound good? You in?

Really in a nutshell it's all about putting yourself first, which is really hard for most women to do. I plan out my week and allocate some time for myself and it really helps. Please know that you are worth it, make the time to put yourself first and share your gifts with the world. The world needs them!!!! Keep Rocking Cool Chicks!

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